Boxster Spyder

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Boxster Spyder

Postitus Postitas Andrus » 06 Nov 2009 10:35

The Boxster Spyder is a pure roadster, reduced to the essentials like the legendary 550 Spyder. There is no radio or PCM module(saves 3 kg), no cup holders and no air conditioning(saves 12 kg).

The aluminium doors save 15kg, new bucket seats save another 12 kg. The door cards are from the GT3 RS and feature pull cords instead of standard handles. New 19-inch wheels are also the lightest ones Porsche offers on any of its production cars.

There is no heavy sound insulation and no electric motors on the canvas roof. It is as minimalistic as possible weighing just 1275 kg (2811 lbs) making it the lightest car in the Porsche model range.

The Spyder is powered by an enhanced version of the 3.4-liter direct fuel injected flat-six found in the Boxster S developing 320 bhp (extra 10 bhp compared to the Boxster S).
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Re: Boxster Spyder

Postitus Postitas hellraiser » 06 Nov 2009 11:56

Esimene Boxster, mis mullegi meele järgi oleks.
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Re: Boxster Spyder

Postitus Postitas Raceboy » 06 Nov 2009 13:09

Päris vinge. Üheks mootorivalikuks võiks olla veel nt GT3 mootor, mudelitähis võiks siis olla Spyder RSR vms :D
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