Cam gear group buy

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Cam gear group buy

Postitus Postitas os951 » 23 Sept 2009 12:26

**** EDIT: This offer is not valid any longer,case closed, gears has been ordered******

Tere Soomest,

I put this also here, because it might be possible some of you might have missed this.

I am ordering a new batch of adjustable 944 8V cam gears. I ordered about a 1½ years ago the first batch which is sold out in Finland/Sweden/Switzerland/USA.

We need more these wheels, and to get manufacturing cost down i offer you Estonians the possibility to join this as a group buy basis. Last time we got these wheels very attractive price 85€ + the Finnish tax, the retail price has been almost 200€ in the shops which has sold them. These wheels have been sold by very well known Porsche shops.
Here's some technical information of this wheel:

This Cam Gear has been designed and manufactured by a Finnish company renowned for CNC machining heavy duty and highest performance components for rally and drag-racing engines. The material used for machining is 6026 automatic semi hard Aluminium, the Cam Gears running surface is
hard anodized in Sweden offering a hardness of 70 HRC (Rockwell hardness scale). The 3 bolts used for fitment are 10.9 M8 allowing a guaranteed slip-less fit with 3 bolts only. This consistent design and highest manufacturing standard make the Cam Gear 335g lighter than the OEM part and offers a wide range of adjustability.

We are going to change a design a little bit, because first design had slight fitment issues with original distributor cap's fastners. With new design we get rid of this. New design will also be a little bit lighter.
This wheel has been reported to add about 7hp otherwise stock 944 engine (not even chipped). With 944 Turbo benefits are even better. All models response better to throttle because of lighter gear.

Since Estonian market is relatively small (like the Finnish as well), you guys can jump on this as a group buy basis and save quite a lot money. What i suggest some of you organize a group buy in Estonia and handle the Estonian market. If it is a company, it's OK, even the Finnish sales tax can be removed then. Also company logo can be added (with laser) to the gears; i just need image file.
Finnish company which makes these gears fabricates gears for various different cars and has been on market well over 20 years. They do not sell these Porsche gears themselves, i have exclusive rights for this product.
I have dealt a lot during the years with Estonians, some of these guys hang around in this forum, like Kert, Markus,James & Peep etc.etc.

I am closing this offer tomorrow and order the gears.