944 ise tehtud kahe vedruga coiloverid

Porschede mootori- ja veermikuprobleemid.
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944 ise tehtud kahe vedruga coiloverid

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Päris huvitav teema piltide ja muu infoga.

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For this set-up to work properly it is necessary to use a stiff enough tender spring that is NOT fully collapsed under the car’s normal weight. I am using a 4” free length 350# tender which incidently still has 5/8” of travel available under its installed height of 2.0 inches. This is just enough to act as a “shock absorber” and soften the impact to the main 550# spring whenever road irregularities are encountered. However, after that initial slack is taken up, it’s all up to the 550# main spring to resist the effects of weight transfer and hold body roll at bay.